The mythical Greco-Latin religions are the cradle of Western civilization, representing the earthly world: Venus is the goddess of love, Bacchus is the god of wine, Cibeles the goddess of fertility and agriculture and so on. These gods are the paradigm of human behaviour and the model to follow for the great conquerors like Alexander The Great, who was said to be a descendant of Hercules and Achilles, or Julius Cesar from Venus.

Jesus Christ was born during the era of the Roman emperor Tiberius in Judea, which was a province of the empire. The Roman world was centered on man and the order established by laws and rights; there was a hedonistic vision of life, focused on enjoyment and earthly pleasures.

The teachings of Jesus represent an evolutionary jump in consciousness. Jesus came to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven to us.

Jesus said:- The kingdom of Heaven is similar to a merchant who looks for good pearls, and having found a precious one, goes and sells everything he owns to buy it.

To discover the kingdom of Heaven, and the treasure it holds, it’s worth selling everything.

Jesus said:- There are no ears for those who will not hear.

Our confused and hardened hearts have closed our eyes and ears and don’t want to understand or hear the suggestions of the world.

As Jesus said:- My kingdom is not of this world.

The world represents everything earthly, such as power, money, ambition. The negative side of power is the abuse of it, like tyranny; the negative side of money is greed and corruption; and the negative side of ambition is a lack of awareness and consideration for others. When our level of conscience rises, we no longer search for objectives born out of fear, ambition, unhappiness or the necessity of proving ourselves.

Jesus said:- The truth will set you free.

Jesus recommended being sincere in our search for truth, because we have to find knowledge inside and outside of ourselves. We have to become aware of social conditioning. The search for truth can only be done by trying to be honest with ourselves and through self- knowledge.

And Jesus said:- Let the children come to me.

In order to find truth, innocence and simplicity are necessary. The confusing processes of thinking and the suggestions of the world are in contrast to the simplicity and innocence of children, who know little of hatred, greed and envy.

And Jesus said:- Don’t fret about your life, worrying about what you are going to eat; look at the Lillies in the field.

We should concentrate on the present. There are no problems, only situations. We don’t know what is waiting for us in the future, nor the day or hour that it will happen.

Jesus said:- He who wants to be first, let him be the servant of everyone, for nobody is better than anyone else.

We are all here to serve, whether it is the politician, the business man, or the citizen. This is the idea of true equality.

And Jesus said:- He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone.

We should respect life and not judge others because we don’t know their circumstances properly.

And Jesus said:- A man, who was going away, called his servants to him and left them in charge of his house; to one he gave five talents, to another two and to another one, and then he left. The servant who had received five talents started to do business with them and got another five. Likewise, the servant who had received two earned another two. However, the servant who had received only one dug a hole in the earth and buried his master’s money.

We have to give the best of ourselves. God trusts men with his gifts and talents and we have to develop them in the best way possible and not succumb to inactivity because of fear, excessive precaution, cowardliness or laziness. We should always try to do our best.

And Jesus said:- The farmer went out with his hands full of seeds and threw them randomly. Some fell on the road and were eaten by the birds. Some fell on the stony ground and were lost. Others fell on the good land and gave a good harvest.

It’s difficult to find the right way. The seed is the message, it’s the taking of consciousness, the opening up to the truth of what is important. With perseverance and attention, we try to discover the treasure of love.

And Jesus said:- You know about an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; but I tell you not to respond to those who attack you. On the contrary, whoever strikes you on the right cheek, offer them the left as well.

These are attitudes that show real love, where love is above the law and where there is no judgement, just love in its purest state.

And Jesus said:- I want compassion, not sacrifice.

Love in exchange for nothing; sacrifice wants something in return. My neighbour and I are the same; when you hurt your neighbour, we are really hurting ourselves.

And Jesus said:- Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

The greatest show of love by Jesus, dying on the cross, consists in forgiving and not blaming anybody for what is fair or not; it’s a show of love where the great distance between the misery of the world and the Kingdom of Heaven is clear.

In the teachings of Jesus:-

  • We find the contrast between the World and the Kingdom of Heaven, and how to live in the world, accepting this contrast: having power without becoming corrupt, managing our money without being greedy and being ambitious and compassionate at the same time.
  • In order to attain knowledge, it’s necessary to do so with simplicity and to develop our talents. We have to accept providence, searching for the truth and not making judgements.

Love is above the law; for example, when it’s necessary to work on a Saturday, taking care of the most disadvantaged, women, children and the sick. Because it’s not our beliefs that make us better people, but our acts.

The message of Jesus Christ is a message of love and the question is how we can get closer to love.

We have to discover it as a focus of our conscience in relation to the world and our fellow men. This is the Kingdom of Heaven.

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