About us

This website, historyofspain.es, has been promoted and managed entirely by Fundación Alguaciles. This foundation is a cultural body whose main objective is “to make learning fun”. This Spanish Foundation was established in Madrid in October 2017. It is a non- profit making organization that is mainly active in Madrid. However, it also carries out activities in the rest of Spain and other countries.

The aims of the foundation are the promotion and development of the person, as well as all kinds of studies, research and initiatives concerning education, science and sport. The emphasis will always be on the values and objectives based on the development of the individual.

The historyofspain.es website fits with these objectives, specifically in the knowledge and learning about the history of Spain, always following our motto “to make learning fun”. In this way we create and then offer our visitors a series of resources such as videos, articles and extracts from books that explain in a simple way the different periods, activities, places and people that were most relevant in Spanish history, from the pre-Roman period to the current democracy.

We acknowledge the invaluable collaboration of Gonzalo Rosillo for the elaboration of contents of this web, Ana Nieto and Olegario Llamazares as our the technical team, and Robert Steane for the English version.

We hope that historyofspain.es reaches an ample number of users, from history students and teachers, tourists that may use this resource during their travels around the Iberian peninsula, to anybody who might be interested in finding out about Spanish history. If we succeed in this endeavour, it will provide us with tremendous satisfaction, as we will have fulfilled one of the main objectives of our Foundation.

Alberto Mencos Valdés
Fundación Alguaciles

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