The Spirit of Gardens

Gardens are paradises on earth created by man to be at peace with himself and his loved ones. 

Places conceived to renew our energy. 

And to come into contact with the passing of the seasons, and plants’ growth cycles.

They help us to put our problems in perspective, and restore the relationship between man and nature.

Gardens are exterior spaces conceived for pleasure….to be enjoyed with our senses.

A garden, like no other place, allows one to enjoy sensual experiences. It is a fusion of all the senses. 

In gardens we rediscover the lost Eden. Man was created in a garden, and the first encounter between man and God took place in one. 

In the Bible we read: “And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.” 

Water and gardens are inseparable.

In all its forms – from the gushing streams of fountains to the still waters of pools and ponds – water always gives life.

As Leonardo Da Vinci said – “Water is the driving force of all nature”

Gardens are living beings; always the same, but always different.

Here we have the same garden in the different seasons:

Gardens are also sources of food. They provide the matchless pleasure of seeing vegetables, herbs and fruits grow, and tasting them.

Their artistic elements also help to express the spirits of gardens, giving them great personalities.

The patio is the essence of the Spanish garden. It is a creation to protect oneself from the outside world, like a paradise. In the words of the writer Borges “The patio is the slope through which the sky spills into the house”

These garden refuges, so common in southern Spain, coexist with others that open out onto the landscape.

They establish an interplay with the natural environment, and their design and planting are adapted to our country’s great geographic and climatic diversity.

Enjoying a garden is one of the pleasures that we can all delight in. 

Spain is rich in parks and gardens open to everyone. 

They offer moments of pleasure, of encounters, of escape from everyday life … 

Madrid offers a large number of historical gardens to visit, including: 

El Retiro, the Royal Botanical Gardens, El Parque de la Fuente del Berro, El Capricho, La Quinta del Duque del Arco, El Jardin del Príncipe de Anglona, and Los Jardines del Campo del Moro, among others.

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